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Serving the following ARIZONA communities exclusively:  





  • In-home meal preparation (weekly or  monthly)

  • Customized menus for traditional gourmet, allergen-avoidance, Paleo, Keto, diabetic and more 

  • Home parties and private dining

  • Cooking classes and chef demo events

Personal Chef Services at Taste of Amazi

Speak with us about your meal prep or special event requests and receive a free quote for services.  



Enjoy a Taste of Amazing when you schedule an in-home Tasting of our Personal Chef customized menus.  

When you purchase an in-home Tasting, we will contact you to schedule a time most convenient for you, and discuss the types of foods you would like to sample.  

Up to 5 sample-sized portions are included in the standard fee.  When you book services with us, the $60 fee will be credited back toward your first purchase of Personal Chef or Catering services.  


Chef Consultation

Chef Gail will schedule a phone conference with you to talk about service options, your unique taste preferences and budget.  

From there, you will receive a customized menu and service proposal for your review and approval.    

Optional In-Home Tasting Event

If you would prefer to sample our menu items before scheduling services you may request an In-Home Tasting Event. 


1.  Fee:  $300

2.  You will be contacted by Chef Gail for a brief phone consultation regarding taste and service preferences, and provided with a customized selection of menu options. 

3.  Choose up to 5 menu items to sample and schedule your in-home tasting event. 

4.  Fifty-percent (50%) of the $300.00 fee will be credited toward your first invoice for personal chef or catering services should you choose to move forward.  

Getting Started

In-Home Meal Preparation

Our Personal Chefs will handle all the grocery shopping, then come to your home and prepare fresh, gourmet meals in your kitchen that you can easily heat, serve and enjoy all week long!   

We also have an option for a "fill the freezer" meal prep session where we will create premium frozen meals that you can heat and serve whenever you're ready.  Our frozen meals will last up to one year in the freezer.  

Meals are custom-designed and chef-prepared for your taste and lifestyle preferences and created with premium, locally-sourced ingredients - and when we're done your kitchen will be left as sparkling clean as when we arrived.  

Dinner Parties & Cooking Classes

We love to entertain with food! 


Gather friends and watch Chef Gail prepare exciting and innovative dishes while inspiring guests with "secrets of the pros."  She will also share interesting and captivating cooking techniques while allowing guests a "hands on" cooking experience.  

Hosting a dinner party?  For an immersive, intimate dining event choose a Personal Chef to prepare and serve the meal on-site.  This is a wonderful option for groups of 30 or less where foodie guests can mingle in and out of the kitchen, chat with the chef, and experience food as well as enjoy it.   

Personal Chef Service Options

Seasonal Menus

Our menus change with the seasons to ensure our dishes are created with fresh, locally-sourced premium ingredients.  Choose from any of our inspired creations from the following menus:  

Chef's Choice

Perfect for food aficionados, this menu presents a 5-star gourmet taste experience.  Entrees, sides, salads and desserts rich in flavor, texture and creativity, Chef Gail brings the fine dining experience to the comfort of home.  

Family Friendly  

Meals designed around busy working families, with premium ingredients, comfort foods and deliciously healthy selections.    

Athlete-Focused:  Paleo, Keto, Whole30, Bulletproof and Custom

We have developed a full 30-day eating plan for clients following the Paleo eating plan.  This menu is frequently updated and includes hearty, incredibly delicious meals, snacks and desserts.  

This menu can be customized to accommodate the Keto, Whole30, and Bulletproof menus upon request.  

We can also create custom athlete-focused menus upon request.  We use ESHA-certified nutritional software to calculate all nutritional elements of our dishes and can engineer our recipes to meet your specific criteria.  

Health Conscious 

  • Low-Sodium Menu 

  • Low-Glycemic Menu

  • Vegetarian/Vegan


We have a full gluten-free menu and can provide menu options to accommodate specific food allergies.  Our chefs are specifically trained on allergen handling and tracking.  

Other Custom Menus

If you or a loved one must adhere to a strict diet for health reasons, we are happy to review the menu requirements and create foods that will fit within the parameters of your eating plan.  

Menu Options

Scheduling Cadence

Weekly/Recurring:  Our Chef will arrive at your home once per week to prepare your meals which are made fresh and stored in your refrigerator until ready to serve.  

Monthly/Bi-Monthly/Recurring:  Meals are prepared fresh and you can choose to have all or a portion of the meals frozen.  

Special Events & Home Parties:  We would love to serve you and your guests for your in-home event.  Food is prepared on-site and set up for service.  You can also choose to have servers remain on site during the event to take care of your guests and manage clean-up.  

Cooking Classes and Chef Demos:  Our Chef will entertain you and your guests with a live cooking demo while preparing your meal.  Guests may also participate in the cooking process in a hands-on cooking experience.  


Cost of Services

After your initial Chef Consultation, you will be provided a quote for services.  The cost of services will include the hourly cost of professional chef services plus food costs, billed in advance.  

We have both fixed-price options and hourly rates.  Our hourly rate for in-home personal chef services is $100/hour plus cost of food.  


The quoted cost will depend on the number of meals and portions being served, the proteins selected, and the complexity of menu items chosen.  

Our minimum charge per on-site session is $350.  The average cost for a family of four with 5 to 7 meals prepared is $500/week plus the cost of food.  

A note about Spices and Specialty Ingredients:

We will bring our own spices and specialty ingredients at no additional charge.  This avoids the extra expense to our clients of purchasing ingredients when only a minute portion is needed for the recipe.  

Pricing Options

Request a Free Chef Consultation

Thank you! We will call you within 1 business day. .

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