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Chef Gail Kurpgeweit brings her extensive experience in the food service and manufacturing industry to help clients succeed and achieve goals in their own businesses.


  • One-on-One Business Owner Coaching

  • Group Trainings & Coaching

  • Food Business Startup Consulting

  • New Product Development

  • Marketing Strategies - B2C or B2B markets

  • Expansion / Growth 

  • Profit Improvement / Engineering Consulting

  • New Market Verticals (Television, Grocery Stores, Amazon Food, and more)

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Food CPG Product Development

Do you have an existing food business or idea and want to launch a new food product?  We can help with formula development, packaging, nutritional labeling, manufacturing compliance, and all other elements required to taking your product from concept to shelf.   

We specialize in working with successful restaurants to launch popular menu items as CPG food products for retail distribution.  

CPG Product Development

Specialty Food Brokerage

We help our clients launch their food products in local, regional and national marketplaces.  From privately-owned grocery stores, to national brands like Kroger Foods and Safeway, to specialty stores like Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Costco and QVC Television, we help our clients expand their reach and build their brand successfully.  

We offer full-service brokerage packages, including ongoing management of retailer relationships and distribution channels.  

Specialty Food Brokers

Food Business Startups

Do you have an idea or recipe for a great food product, but have no idea where to start?  Chef Gail can help you develop a comprehensive concept-to-market business strategy to bring your vision to reality.  We can provide simple coaching and guidance, or we can take the wheel and launch your business for you to the point where it is fully operational and systems-dependent.  

Food Business Startups

Business Owner Coaching

We provide one-on-one coaching for business owners in the food and hospitality industry to achieve specific and/or global objectives.  We can help business owners gain control over business and operationsincrease profitgrow sales and improve quality of life.  

Building a systems-dependent, profitable, scalable food business can be achieved by employing proven strategies customized for your product, industry and business size.  Gail Kurpgeweit and her team can help you reach your unique and specific goals in your new or existing food business.  

Business Owner Coaching

Team Training, Coaching & Consulting

Having a successful, growing, profitable food business requires an engaged, trained and committed work force.  Chef Gail will work with your team to identify gaps in training, improve efficiency and employee engagement, and construct a team that works together to create high quality, high profit, flawless execution of your product and services.  

Team Training, Coaching & Consulting

Metric Conversion of Recipes & Formulas

We have developed a massive, proprietary database of ingredients that have been individually weighed and measured for accuracy in metric equivalents.  

If you are a food writer, cookbook author or food industry professional, we can provide you with accurate metric equivalents for the ingredients in your recipes or formulas, cooking instructions, and supporting text. 


To request a quote for your cookbook or writing project please contact Chef Gail Kurpgeweit at  

Download our brochure here:  Metric Conversion Service

Cookbook Author & Food Writer Metric Conversion Service

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