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We offer a full range of PRIVATE-LABEL MANUFACTURING services 

  • Prepared Meals (single or multi-component)

  • Fresh or Frozen

  • Baked Goods

  • Small Batch Runs (10,000 unit minimum)

  • USDA or FDA Inspected, as applicable

  • SQF / GFSI

  • Nutritional Labeling Compliance

  • Custom Packaging

  • National Distribution, by pallet or direct-to-consumer

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We are in the process of moving our Montana manufacturing operations to the Phoenix, Arizona area.  Please contact us for more information, advance ordering or to learn how to become a financial partner for this division.    

Private Label Manufacturing

We specialize in private label short-run and small-batch manufacturing under USDA or FDA inspection.  Our products are produced in our SQF-certified Ronan, Montana processing facility, where we can ship directly to consumers, or transport by pallet to your distribution center of choice.  

We specialize in frozen food manufacturing using fresh, local ingredients for a premium finished product.  

We label the product for compliance with strict USDA/FDA requirements with your logo and design style.  

Private Label 

Custom Product Development

It is one thing to have a great recipe, but quite another to have a product formula that is ready to scale for the manufacturing process, will remain fresh for an extended shelf life, and meets the demanding palate of today's consumer.   

Taste of Amazing Product Development Services can help you modify current formulas to accommodate large-scale processing, improve product quality, reduce food cost, or extend shelf life.  We can also create new, unique food products with exceptional taste, texture and quality your customers will love.  

Product Development

Sell Your Products on QVC Television Network

Taste of Amazing is an approved vendor for the QVC Television Network for manufacturing and distribution.  We can create your custom food products, manufacture and package for sale, and ship directly to QVC customers through our relationship with CommerceHub.  

QVC Approved Vendor

Custom Packaging Design

Work with our packaging design experts to create the perfect food and distribution packaging model for your product.  The right packaging will display your food beautifully, preserve freshness and shelf life, accommodate USDA/FDA labeling requirements and withstand shipping.  We can help you find the perfect combination of aesthetic, function and cost savings for all your food packaging needs, whether it is an existing off-the-shelf design or custom-tailored for your specific product.   


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