One of our most popular holiday risottos, Champagne Risotto is paired with dried champagne-infused cranberries, fresh Honey Crisp apple and crunchy cashews for a richly textured taste experience.   


This dish makes a decadent accompaniment to your Thanksgiving celebration or served anytime during the holiday season for a warm, unctious meal.  Simply heat, serve and enjoy!  


Also available in a gluten-free version.  


This item is offered in 1 LB and 3 LB portions.  One pound will serve 4 typical side-dish portions or 2 typical entree portions.  



FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the Continental U.S.  for orders over $159.00

DEADLINE TO ORDER: November 9, 2020, or sooner, depending on availability of premium ingredients


Items will ship frozen the week prior to Thanksgiving so they can be thawed in your refrigerator 2-3 days prior to your holiday meal.  



Champagne Risotto w Cranberry, Apple & Cashews