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We offer a full range of services for catering events of all types:


  • Corporate and boxed lunches

  • Formal corporate events and celebrations

  • Outdoor BBQ's

  • Weddings

  • Birthday parties for both children and adults

  • Anniversary parties

...and your next special event! 

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We are not accepting new bookings at this time.  

Dates are available - request a Quote.  $3,000 plus tax, delivery & gratuity MINIMUM per full-service catering event.  
Formal Plated Service

Perfect for weddings or formal corporate events, Taste of Amazing uniformed servers adhere to established "white glove" formal catering service protocols.  This package includes pre-event platter passing of appetizers and alcoholic beverages.  Gratuity of 20% is required.  ​

Buffet Full Service

Our professional catering staff will handle all aspects of setting up a beautiful display of your chosen menu items, and will stay on-site to monitor food temperature, refill food and beverage, and attend to the needs of your guests.  Upon conclusion of your event, we will clean up the food service areas.  Gratuity of 20% is required.  

Full Service Catering Packages

Buffet Drop-Off / Setup / Pick-up

We will handle all aspects of setting up the buffet service tables; however, once completed we will transfer the responsibility of food temperature safety, guest service and clean-up to the Client.  The next business day following the event (or same day upon request), we will return to pick up any non-disposable or rented service items.  Gratuity not required for this level of service, but always appreciated.  

Drop-Off Disposable

We will deliver your items in disposable packaging, hot and ready-to-serve or cold for re-heating at time of service, depending upon your preference.  Gratuity not required for this level of service, but always appreciated.  

Drop-Off Service Catering Packages

We now offer our DIY Catering Packages for delivery or shipment across the continental United States.  Request a Quote and we will package and ship for delivery 1-3 days prior to your event.  Menu items will be packaged in disposable containers with detailed re-heating and service instructions.  Client is responsible for final preparation and service.  Gratuity not required for this level of service, but always appreciated.    

DIY Catering Packages may be ordered up to one year in advance of your event date, or a minimum of 10 days prior.  


Catering Packages

Tasting Events

We are happy to provide a Tasting Menu for potential catering customers.  The minimum cost is $300 for three (3) selections each of appetizer, entree, side and dessert for up to four (4) guests.  


We also hold seasonal Tasting Events.  If you would like an invitation to our next event, please request an invitation by email to  


If your event is reserved by deposit on the day of a private or group Tasting Event, a $150 credit will be applied to the cost of your Catering. 


Tasting Menus

Rental Items

Upon request, we will provide a quote for rental items including tables, chairs, serviceware, linens, tents, outdoor coverings, decorations and more.  


Event Rentals

Event Rentals

Event Planning & Project Management

Gail Kurpgeweit, as the former Director of Catering at Boeing, has been responsible for the planning and execution of small formal events for foreign dignitaries as well as large events for over 42,000 guests.


As a professional Caterer, she has planned, managed and performed events ranging from small formal weddings to corporate events with thousands of guests. Her experience is invaluable for clients seeking to orchestrate the various components required for important events.

For more information about this service, please email


Event Planning & Management

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