**THIS ITEM WILL BE CLOSING SOON**  We are getting close to capacity for this menu item due to a 2020 shortage of all-natural, free-range, fresh turkeys. 


**This product arrives raw and ready to cook.  


First, we clean the turkey and prepare for roasting.  


Second, we brine the turkey for 24 hours in our proprietary blend of white wine, apple cider, fresh herbs, roasted peppercorns and other flavorful aromatics.  


Third, we prepare the bird for roasting by filling with fresh aromatics, rubbing with herb-infused butter, tying up and packaging for transport.  




Just place this beautiful bird in a roasting pan, place in the oven (detailed instructions are included), baste a few times during the cooking process, and enjoy a juicy, flavorful, perfectly gorgeous turkey on your Thanksgiving table.  


Optional:  At the point in the cooking process when the covering is removed, apply a flavorful glaze.  

Choose from one of the following finishing glazes (or make your own):


  • Apricot & Honey Glaze
  • Fig & Honey Glaze
  • Red Pepper Glaze


This item is prepared with a fresh, all-natural, farm-raised turkey which is frozen after preparation.  Requires 3 days of thawing in the refrigerator prior to cooking.     


Although a pop-up thermometer is included, we recommend using a stem thermometer to check temperature during cook time.  


Whole turkey weighs an average of 12-14 LB (serves 8-10).  


Our ready-to-roast turkey is naturally gluten-free.   


FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the Continental U.S.  for orders over $159.00

DEADLINE TO ORDER:  November 9, 2020, or sooner, depending on availability of premium ingredients


Items will ship frozen the week prior to Thanksgiving so they can be thawed in your refrigerator 2-3 days prior to your holiday meal.  


Whole Brined READY-TO-ROAST Turkey w/ Glaze