A holiday favorite!  Made with a trio of fresh, Washington-grown apples and a vibrant spice blend featuring freshly ground cinnamon, Chinese Five Spice and nutmeg.  

We provide our signature hand-formed pie crust, apple pie filling and a decadent streusel topping.  


Simply place the pie crust in your favorite pie plate, POUR the apple filling into the crust, cover with the streusel topping, BAKE according to our detailed instructions, and ENJOY every delicious bite!



It's the same as our Traditional version but we provide a gluten-free pie crust and streusel topping, hand-made by our talented chefs.  



For this version, we have a special gluten-free/dairy-free pie crust and streusel topping that is absolutely delicious!  The instructions are the same:  Place the pie crust in your favorite pie dish, pour in the filling, cover with the streusel topping and bake!  


This DIY Pie Kit makes one pie.  



FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the Continental U.S.  for orders over $159.00

DEADLINE TO ORDER: November 9, 2020, or sooner, depending on availability of premium ingredients


Items will ship frozen the week prior to Thanksgiving so they can be thawed in your refrigerator 2-3 days prior to your holiday meal.  



Dutch Apple Pie DIY Kit (Traditional, Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free option